Voltex Pixel - Vertex

Vertex (Original Mix):

Vertex (Radio Edit):


"The track name has already spoiled how the melody goes."

This new song Vertex is heavily influenced by Electro House with some elements from Eurobeat which you can see in some parts of the drop.

Vertex was quite an experimental music genre to me. Especially the intro, this song has some samples with the lead that its pitch constantly going up. I also have featured Rainbow Dash, one of the characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (not voiced by Ashleigh Ball), to make the intro more exciting, although the song isn't made with pony concepts. To be honest, the "The awesome, there's also. Derps all, these are awesome" is a vocal chop I randomly made when I was making the song We are the One.

Making the drop part of Vertex also one of the experimental things to me. Usually, when I make the drop, I make it similar to the build-up, which is the reason why I sometimes get criticized that my songs are generic, or let's just say boring. Therefore, I made the separate melody for the drop part, but I started with the A note just like the build-up.

In early versions, there were some unexpected drops that have a completely different feel with the build-up. Thanks to RedWire the Brony criticizing that drops being too much far away from how the song is, I started to focus on how to make it separated but make it less feel 'independent'.

With these efforts, I have released this new song with a brand new style.

Feel free to use it at your party!

RedWire the Brony: 10/10


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