Voltex Pixel - Vertex (The Remixes)

I will be opening the remix contest of the song Vertex from June 15th, 2019 to September 5th, 2019 based on Pacific Time
Length: 2:00.- 4:30
Genre: Anything
Audio Format: 320kbps (MP3)

If you are interested to join it, please visit the link below:

Redwire has remixed Vertex in a chiptune form. Although the drop isn't remixed similar to the original drop, it did follow the build-up melody as well. The style of this remix reminds me of playing old 8-bit video games having pixel graphics but created with the modern game engine.

Vertex (RedWire Remix) (VX Edit), which is uploaded on my YouTube channel, it might be a bit different from the downloaded version as I have removed some unnecessary parts, added some sub, and edited both intro and outro.

Vertex (The Remixes):

Submit your remix at the link below to get yours listed in this post!


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