Voltex Pixel - Immature (Cutie Mix)

Voltex Pixel - Immature (Cutie Mix)
The main theme of Voltex Pixel (Pony)

Voltex Pixel (Pony) is an immature male unicorn pony. He is highly intellectual yet a bit shy in many situations, although he tries to be confident as much as he can. He is also very competitive and challenging, so he is always likely to try something new he never saw or tried before.

Visit https://pony.voltexpixel.com/ for full details about him!

Although I didn't finish the whole song due to my tight schedules, here is the part of it, Immature (Cutie Mix)! Although the song Immature was supposed to be a part of the alternative version of Vertex, I decided to make it independent as this cute drop does not fit to the song at all.


This song Immature mainly features cute and memorable melody which is future house styled. Just like my previous song Vertex, the making of Immature was pretty experimental. It started with my short Pony Music Video named Cute Mark Crusaders and the Gozarani (A Korean YouTube Poop) Crusader based on the former one. Many of them said that the music itself is cute and addictive. Therefore, I have decided to make it as a separated song.

The drop part of Immature, or the entire part of the cutie mix, was strongly influenced by Future House music as mentioned above. However, I did refer some of the elements can be seen in Kawaii Bass (mostly pluck) to make it cuter.


About the artwork, yes, it is Voltex Pixel (Pony), my original character based on pony concepts. I have requested several artists to draw my character, which I would like to thanks them again. Since I was lazy to copy-and-paste the detail and send the color guide to each artist, I just made a dedicated website for Voltex Pixel (Pony). Surprisingly, it has everything all needs, including the gallery app powered by Derpibooru.org.

If you want to make a dedicated website for your original character just like I did, you can do that by signing up in https://pony.icu/. I will upload the post about it if I have some free time to do so.

Thank you for reading this post. If you like to draw an artwork based on Voltex Pixel (Pony), I will be always welcoming for it - visit https://pony.voltexpixel.com/submit.html to submit yours!



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