Project FiM Pictures - Introduction

Based on Voltex Pixel's song named Friendship is Magic, Project FiM Pictures is a story-based My Little Pony music video which its main point is about friendship. Having the moving storyline, amazing animations, and the catchy song, Project FiM Pictures emphasizes the importance of friendship through the character named Vix.

Vix, in the first place, was having a lack of sociality, although most of his classmates and teachers regard him as highly intellectual. The cause of this isn't because of Vix himself but rather his parents' wrong educating method focused excessively on academic knowledge. Because of this, Vix had a hard time during school time and with his friends in most cases. Fortunately, thanks to his best friends Caroline weathering his hard feeling, he changed his way of treating his friends.

Friendship, although regarded as childish to many older generations, is crucial to everyday life for many reasons – for each to feel not alone or have a partner to work together or compete with each other. Through project FiM Pictures, have a look at friendship in another perspective and understand how it is precious in many means.

It was a rainy morning. Holding a blue umbrella, Vix was heading to the magic school with his bag carried on. While walking with barely seeing the front, he was reading the textbook to review what he had learned yesterday. Behind him, there was his best friend Caroline had been hit by rain as she didn't get the umbrella. She tried to call Vix to go together, but he didn't hear her shouting as he was overfocusing on what he is doing.

Just like other days, there were many students rushed to the front door of the school. When Vix was going inside, there were some of his friends waving their hooves to say hello to him, but he didn't give them any reaction, unlike Caroline being so much kind to them. As time flows, Vix realized that most of his friends had already started to avoid to contact him. At that moment when it hit his mind, he was sitting in his room, looking at the mirror reflecting his appearance and the rainy sky.

Vix, although most of his classmates and teachers regard him as highly intellectual, he was mostly criticized because of his lack of caring for his friends. When he was young, his parents had educated him focusing on academic knowledge. Nothing had seemed to go wrong in the first place in their eyes until Vix's teacher started to state about his lack of sociality in serious. On the other hand, Caroline was the opposite when it comes to what Vix is poor. She had many chances to meet many ones having a variety of characteristics when she was young. Including her parents' business time, she had to stick to them all the time. Surprisingly, this is what was helpful for Caroline to learn to manage the connections with others.

Because of this, it is no wonder that Vix had a hard time with his friends in most cases, while Caroline has not. Their school life was also in contrast – while Vix was in isolation in most of his school time, Caroline was mostly having a great time when with her friends.

Vix was still looking at the mirror, with himself expressing his confusing feelings by making a discouraged face, slightly crying, and laughing strangely. Not many time past, when Vix was clearing his tears, he saw another pony next to him in the mirror, which was his best friend, Caroline, came to his room as she was able to hear and see Vix's crying across her room window. Unlike Vix, Caroline was showing a smile on her face, making him confused about what happening right now.

"All we got something that is very special," sang Caroline with the note, "All we got something can't be erased, yeah." After that phrase, Caroline continued, "Cause I know friendship is something magical," with using her magic to emphasize it.

At this time when Caroline keep next to him, Vix started to recall the memory about how did he treat his friends – unkind, careless, emotionless, dishonor, stinginess, which made himself feel regretful. Knowing Vix having a hard feeling to cover this up, Caroline encouraged him to change the way to treat his friends. Therefore, as he decided to, from the next day, he started to make apologies to each of his friends.

After some period, it was another day that Vix goes to school. Unlike last time, he waited for Caroline to head together. In school, he never forgot to treat his friends well as much as he can. Rest of his friends, on the other hand, also realized that Vix has a lot changed better than before. From that time, Vix and his friends started to be friendly to each other. Later, when he returned to his room, he was sitting on his chair and seeing across the two windows. Surprisingly, Caroline was there as prepared, making a lovely smile to Vix. To this, eventually, Vix gave a response to her by making a thankful smile.

Dear diary,

I never knew how great the magic is. You won't believe it at all.
How hard the crisis is, magic is always there.

Friendship is Magic.

Project FiM Pictures - Story:

(An amazing artwork by Mysterious Shine)


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