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My Little Pony Fandom - A Reading Test by Voltex Pixel

My Little Pony Fandom (A Reading Test by Voltex Pixel) is a reading test which introduces about My Little Pony fandom and includes several questions based on its passages. Inspired by the reading test form of Test of English as a Foreign Language, it requires high-level English skills and vocabularies to understand and finish the test, although its difficulty would not be hard as the actual test.

This reading test can be helpful no matter you are a brony or not as it mainly focuses on measuring your ability to understand advanced leveled passages in English.
Please contact me if you found any errors in this reading test by visiting my website:
Click here to download the test.

A Reading Testby Voltex Pixel (
My Little Pony Fandom
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an animated series based on Hasbro Inc's popular My Little Pony franchise. The show premiered on October 10, 2010 on Hasbro Inc's The Hub channel, now known as Disco…