Get FAR AWAY by Voltex Pixel

(Before you read this, although it may seem a joke, please note that the title of this post isn't saying you should have to get away from Voltex Pixel but to get the Far Away song which is by Voltex Pixel.)

A few days ago, I released a new song named "Far Away" on my YouTube channel.

Just like my previous song "Joy to Eliminate (2018)", this song is based on my previous one called "November 13th". Both "November 13th" and "Far Away" have no hard drop part, and I didn't want to add it as I thought the melody of them is not fit at all for adding it. However, the huge difference between two of them is the purpose of usage - "Far Away" is likely more for the soundtrack mainly used as background music, while "November 13th" is made for personal relaxation (I guess?).

Listen to Joy to Eliminate (2018) on Spotify:

Both of the songs are part of my new album named Apex, which all of the tracks in it are free to download (but always note that supporting is caring). You can check it out on my Bandcamp page:

You are always FREE to use the "Far Away" song into your User Generated Videos and upload it online, but make sure that you have to credit me. Before you use it, please keep in mind that the "Far Away" song is copyrighted and not a creative commons licensed song nor public domain song. Especially YouTube, if you upload a video with the "Far Away" soundtrack included, you are likely to get a copyright notice. However, in most cases, you DO NOT have to worry about this as this will NEVER influence anything on your YouTube channel nor your account.

Behind the Far Away

Thanks to Free-Photos and Julian O'hayon, I was able to make the cover images for the "Far Away" song and the "Apex" album a bit quick. All sources of them are public domain, which are creative works to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply, according to Here are the original images used for my cover image:

Apex by Voltex Pixel

If you see both carefully, you will see that there are some kinds of nerdy source code in the screen. Yes, they are the same source codes written in PHP by me. You can see the original one by visiting the NBVP GitHub page, one of my GitHub projects that seem nobody saw it: If you are a programmer and you have your GitHub account, I would be thankful if you give a twinkle STAR in my project. :)

Thanks for reading this post. For more music, you may follow me by visiting the links below. If you have some advice to give about my music, please visit for the feedback.

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