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Get FAR AWAY by Voltex Pixel

Apex by Voltex Pixel

(Before you read this, although it may seem a joke, please note that the title of this post isn't saying you should have to get away from Voltex Pixel but to get the Far Away song which is by Voltex Pixel.)

A few days ago, I released a new song named "Far Away" on my YouTube channel.

Just like my previous song "Joy to Eliminate (2018)", this song is based on my previous one called "November 13th". Both "November 13th" and "Far Away" have no hard drop part, and I didn't want to add it as I thought the melody of them is not fit at all for adding it. However, the huge difference between two of them is the purpose of usage - "Far Away" is likely more for the soundtrack mainly used as background music, while "November 13th" is made for personal relaxation (I guess?).

Listen to Joy to Eliminate (2018) on Spotify:

Both of the songs are part of my…