Together Being Immature

We all grow older and become mature as time passes, but that doesn't mean we lose our child spirit - being curious about everything and having a pure mind, which also defines us as who we are.
It surely was hard to animate this, but I did it anyway.
While that, I have so many songs unreleased yet though I almost finished them.
I will upload them as soon as possible. Pinkie promise!

Codename FiM - A My Little Pony concept-based songs - Album

Say farewell to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, yet shall never say with a sad tone because friendship is going to be magically forever.

Codename FiM by Voltex Pixel

Codename FiM by Voltex PixelCodename FiM by Voltex PixelCodename FiM by Voltex PixelCodename FiM by Voltex Pixel
Having addictive drop parts and some rearrangement melodies from the official show, Friendship is Magic emphasizes the importance of friendship with its lyrics about friendship, which Voltex Pixel wrote for the first time, and wishes the bright future of the My Little Pony fandom. All we got something

All we got something
That's very special

All we got something
Can't be erased yeah

Cause I know friendship is something magical

Those who will
Keep you in their heart

What they say
Worth more than you know

I never knew how great the magic is
You won't believe it at all

How hard the crisis is,
Magic's always there

Those who will
Keep you in their heart

What they say
Worth m…

Codename FiM - Say farewell to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

You know.

I might be just an ordinary fan who ends up loving it for a while.
I might be regarding the kid's show as something childish that is not worth to watch.
 But not in My Little Pony.

My Little Pony has changed me a lot.
The thing is, My Little Pony has switched me to become active in social, whether in my actual life or online space.
Those fans - Bronies and Pegasisters, made me proud of what I am loving and making some creative.
My Little Pony also gave me talent. Although hard to say its skill is good, my initial of feeling passion for music production beyond what I was doing (app dev) is when I started to fall in love with those ponies.
My Little Pony, in addition, truly gave me an opportunity to realize the importance of friendship.
There are even more which My Little Ponies gave me impacts of changing myself.
There are some who might laugh at me loving this childish pony show.

But I don't care.

It is because what I believe is that without My Little Pony: Friend…

Project FiM Pictures - Introduction

Based on Voltex Pixel's song named Friendship is Magic, Project FiM Pictures is a story-based My Little Pony music video which its main point is about friendship. Having the moving storyline, amazing animations, and the catchy song, Project FiM Pictures emphasizes the importance of friendship through the character named Vix.

Vix, in the first place, was having a lack of sociality, although most of his classmates and teachers regard him as highly intellectual. The cause of this isn't because of Vix himself but rather his parents' wrong educating method focused excessively on academic knowledge. Because of this, Vix had a hard time during school time and with his friends in most cases. Fortunately, thanks to his best friends Caroline weathering his hard feeling, he changed his way of treating his friends.

Friendship, although regarded as childish to many older generations, is crucial to everyday life for many reasons – for each to feel…

Collaborative Agreement

Collaborative Agreement

1. Purpose of the Agreement

, , and have agreed to work together for . This agreement describes their understandings and commitments to this collaborative effort.

2. Scope and Duration:

, , and will work together for . This agreement will guide the collaboration for the period beginning and ending . The scope and duration of the collaboration may be amended and/or extended through the joint agreement of , , and to amendments to this agreement.

3. Decision-making structure & authority:

All significant decisions regarding the collaboration will require agreement by all three collaborative partners. Significant decisions will include decisions regarding eligibility for services provided through collaboration, the nature of the services to be provided, and decisions regarding seeking and using funding to carry out collaboration activities.

, , and will each identify one person within their own organization to serve on the Leadership Committee for the collaboratio…

Voltex Pixel - Immature (Cutie Mix)

Voltex Pixel - Immature (Cutie Mix) The main theme of Voltex Pixel (Pony)
Voltex Pixel (Pony) is an immature male unicorn pony. He is highly intellectual yet a bit shy in many situations, although he tries to be confident as much as he can. He is also very competitive and challenging, so he is always likely to try something new he never saw or tried before.
Visit for full details about him!
Although I didn't finish the whole song due to my tight schedules, here is the part of it, Immature (Cutie Mix)! Although the song Immature was supposed to be a part of the alternative version of Vertex, I decided to make it independent as this cute drop does not fit to the song at all.

This song Immature mainly features cute and memorable melody which is future house styled. Just like my previous song Vertex, the making of Immature was pretty experimental. It started with my short Pony Music Video named Cute Mark Crusaders and the Gozarani (A Korean YouTube Poop) Cru…

Voltex Pixel - Vertex (The Remixes)

I will be opening the remix contest of the song Vertex from June 15th, 2019 to September 5th, 2019 based on Pacific Time Length: 2:00.- 4:30 Genre: Anything Audio Format: 320kbps (MP3)
If you are interested to join it, please visit the link below:

Redwire has remixed Vertex in a chiptune form. Although the drop isn't remixed similar to the original drop, it did follow the build-up melody as well. The style of this remix reminds me of playing old 8-bit video games having pixel graphics but created with the modern game engine.
Vertex (RedWire Remix) (VX Edit), which is uploaded on my YouTube channel, it might be a bit different from the downloaded version as I have removed some unnecessary parts, added some sub, and edited both intro and outro.

Vertex (The Remixes):
Submit your remix at the link below to get yours listed in this post!…